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NICOLA MARIE HAINES - Installation artist


BA Hons - Interior Design Architecture

Post Grad Dip Teaching - Secondary Education

Diploma Art and Design

Nicola's large scale light installations play on the sheer childlike excitement of being in the forest late an night. They also work as an intimate and surreal platform to reflect on our fragile and exquisitely precious natural environment.  


Her permanent landscape installations also explore the structural complexity of the natural world and our relationship with it. They are informative and celebrate the mathematical structure inherent in Nature. 


Her sculptures have also been featured at the Wellington Botanical Gardens and Brick Bay Sculpture Park, Auckland, New Zealand.

Nicola is an Installation Artist, Interior Design Architect and Teacher. Commissioned to design sculptural installations for Festivals, Events and landscapes in New Zealand for the past 10 years, she is now based in the UK.


With 25 years experience in the creative industry, Nicola draws on her background in Interior Design Architecture to create large scale permanent and semi permanent landscape sculptures. Her use of medium is diverse, ranging from fibre optics, plastics and metal to perlite, depending on the project.


Nicola has been commissioned by the award winning Festival of Lights, New Plymouth since 2007, her work has contributed significantly to the festival's popularity Considered a major summer cultural event since 1993, the festival attracts 100,000 people annually.  


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