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A tunnel of weightless fluorescent glowing spheres were suspended in the canopy of trees, as an invitation to walk among the planets and stars. Glowing boulders flanked the 26 metre pathway and a carpet of fluorescent stones lay underfoot.


The enormous flower garden was inspired by the beauty and fertility of the volcanic soil found in the Taranaki region.

It was also the use of fluorescent paint in such a naturally exquisite environment that gave rise to the idea of gigantic flowers.

I created a forest of 2 metre wide fluorescent lillies, calla lillies, kowhai, orchids and bellflowers among the trees. Glowing boulders flanked the pathway and a carpet of fluorescent stones lay underfoot. 

It was as if the paint had mutated, causing the plants and rocks to grow and glow in the dark. The magical flower garden was extended and exhibited again in 2008.


A flock of 1.2 metre wide florescent flying birds were suspended as if swooping through the canopy, accompanied by twists of colourful clouds. This Black Light installation was approximately 20 metres in length.


Over 50 multicoloured fluorescent mobiles twisted and turned above the heads of the crowd along a 20 metre path. People were able to take pictures of their faces mirrored among the flower mobiles above and pick up glowing stones from under their feet.

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