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Murmuration at Greenbelt 2017

Conceived, designed and installed by light artist Nicola Haines, for Greenbelt Festival, Murmuration comprised a set of 100 intricately stencilled birds that swooped overhead in a suspended swirling murmuration over a 25-metre walkway. At dusk, the birds were illuminated, changing colour in unison to give the illusion of flight, mirroring the crowds of people as they walked together below, to retreat to the other side of the lake for contemplation. 

TSB Festival of Lights

Taranaki's brightest tourist attraction has been named New Zealand's most outstanding event.

The title was bestowed on TSB Bank Festival of Lights by the New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA), an industry body made up of 1700 members from the sport and recreation sector.

Held annually over six weeks in summer at New Plymouth's Pukekura Park, the festival features an extensive lighting display and free entertainment six nights a week.

District council events manager Melissa Devine-Collins said in making the award the judges recognised the festival was an opportunity for the entire community to enjoy the natural beauty of Pukekura Park.

Dreams for the Future - Brick Bay

Three huge screens printed with images of the Isle of Wight in England are arranged to surround the viewer in Dreams for the Future, transporting one far away. A portal to the other side of the world is activated.


Artists Nicola Haines Ramsay and Corinna Haines say their work is


“A commentary on leaving one’s place of origin to start a new life in another land, on the desire for a prosperous life in a place where one’s dreams can be realised. The installation is an invitation to stand among projected images of a homeland, acknowledging the aspirations, fears and cultural beliefs that contribute to form future landscapes.”

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