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100 intricately stencilled birds that swoop overhead in a suspended swirling murmuration over a 25-metre walkway. At dusk, the birds are illuminated and change colour in unison to give the illusion of flight, mirroring the crowds of people as they walk together below, to retreat to the other side of the lake for contemplation.


The Signature on Poets Bridge was inspired by the name of the bridge and the thriving plant life that surrounds it.  The bridge is an iconic landmark that stands astride the central lake in Pukekure Park, New Plymouth. This piece comprised 500 metres of suspended fibreoptics both sides of the bridge, that curled and looped across, while continuously changing colour. 


A set of three semi-translucent Jellyfish are suspended above the running river through Pukekura Park. Each piece is 3 metres high and their trailing fibreoptic tentacles reflect, glow and change colour in the water below.


The sky above Poets Bridge was studded with the light from 210 suspended individually glowing diamonds, each with their own hand-painted multi-faceted globe inside.


The Crowd of Lamps installation was created to mirror the individuality of the artists, musicians and participants featured annually at the Festival of Lights. From a distance, the lamps displayed the overall natural harmonious rhythm of the festival by appearing as a musical score.


Cathedral archways of swaying fibreoptic branches were placed on the iconic bridge, taking inspiration for ‘Light Orchard’ from Pukekura Park’s majestic tree canopies.

The glowing boughs changed colour as they swayed in the breeze to compliment the panoramic view of the lighting displays reflected in the lake.

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